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The historic background of our trading business in Nepal since 1969 has been transferred to the dynamic platform for launching various commercial projects today.

"Amatya International pvt. Ltd." is one of the leading enterprises of the trading market in Russia with long experience since 1997 in the field of electronic consuming goods supply.

Amatya International today comprises more than 10 trading services and trading companies. Our company's achievements are based on its powerful personnel, technical and industrial potential. Our company works in close cooperation with its partners engaged in the various projects. We provide the best customer support focused on finance and technical policy, including Main fields of activity:

- Full complex of the works in the electronic goods (audio-video plus accessories) supply in Russia
- Full banking services in Kathmandu and other regions of Nepal
- Participation in multiple (business) group in Nepal

Amatya International sees its mission as ensuring the stable development of the market for banking and common investment services. We are convinced that provision of high quality and cost-efficient services and ensuring maximum performance efficiency at minimum cost will help us succeed in executing our mission. We choose ambitious goals to attain the position of a major player in the marketplace, to ensure ongoing development of the Company, to increase market share and, in the long term, increase value for our shareholders. We are very demanding towards ourselves and strive for the highest possible quality standards.

Amatya International with its specific approach to information gathering, assembling, analysis and verification provides unique and unrivaled service to foreign companies and individuals, wishing to invest in Russia and CIS countries, or enter in new business here. We are proud to have numerous connections and experts in every sphere of life in Russia and CIS. We are fully independent from any other business or governmental structure.

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- In cultural sector:
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